A house fire can be a major disaster and even less severe fires that do not claim lives leave after them a path or destruction. Families are left homeless and the costs of damage repairs are excruciating. Many house fires could be prevented if people learned about the fire hazards in their homes and adhered to the following basic fire safety tips.

Safety First

Keeping your house safe with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers is the first step to preventing a house fire. Proper maintenance is essential, so make sure your smoke alarm is working by testing it once a month. Keep your fire extinguishers inaccessible places in the home, with one in the kitchen and at least another one in a high-risk place (in the garage, near the fireplace). Make sure that everyone in the house knows where they are and how to properly use them. And, take the time to teach your children to fire safety rules.

Responsible Cooking

Make your kitchen a safe place. Make sure there are no flammable items on or near the oven or stove, for example, kitchen cloths or curtains. Don’t leave the kitchen while you are cooking, unless you turn off the stove or oven. Many people forget to return to the kitchen or even fall asleep with food on the stove, causing house fires.

Maintain Electronics

Make sure that your electrical cords are in good condition because they can produce heat and that can start a fire. Never leave an electrical cord behind furniture or under carpets. Another source of house fires is laptop computers and cell phones that heat up when left on beds. Make sure that these devices are never left on the bed while people are asleep to prevent a disaster.

Check Your Dryer

Clothes dryers are a common cause of house fires that many people don’t know about.  Make sure that your dryer has been properly installed and make sure that you have the proper ventilation system for your dryer. Also, make sure to clean the lint out of your dryer after each use and have a professional clean it at least once a year to remove lint from out of reach places.

Heaters And Fireplaces

Heating equipment is another leading cause of house fires. Make sure your fireplace or furnace is inspected once a year. Also, don’t use heating equipment to dry clothes, this is a fire hazard. Don’t leave your fireplace unattended and do let the ashes cool down before cleaning it out.

Have You Suffered A House Fire?

It is vital to start fire damage restoration as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the structure of your home.  Fire Damage Squad in Berkeley has trained fire restoration professionals working around the clock who would be happy to assist you.