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Fire Damage Odor Elimination Service

If you are the unfortunate victim of a house fire, you know all too well that there are a great many consequences you have to deal with. Besides replacing or repairing damaged belongings, you must bring in home restoration professionals to restore your home to its proper condition. There is a lot that goes into that, from removing all traces of ash and smoke to cleaning the walls to repairing structural damage. One of these essential parts of home restoration after a fire is odor elimination. It is a careful process that requires a skilled professional.

Causes of the Problem

When a fire occurs, it produces smoke and ashes. Most of the damages from a house fire are actually because of these two culprits, not the fire itself. Ashes will settle onto walls and ceiling and into the carpeting. Air ducts can become clogged with ash. Smoke residue and soot will remain on the walls, ultimately discoloring them and forcing you to continue to breathe poisonous carbon monoxide. You may think that over time the odors will go away, but if they settle into the walls and floors, they will recur when warm or wet weather come. So when a fire happens, you need to bring in Fire Damage Squad for professional inspection, smoke removal, and odor elimination.

What We’ll Do

As your professional home restorers, Fire Damage Squad technicians are trained and experienced in identifying and eliminating odors from a fire. We’ll come in and inspect the home carefully and find all surfaces in which the odor comes in contact. As these odors can stick even to the walls, we’ll thoroughly clean and sanitize them to eliminate the odor. It may take some time for the odor to fully dissipate, but after we’re done with your home, we guarantee that the odor elimination process will be successful. We’ll also inspect all flooring and ceiling, considering most importantly your health and safety. We don’t want your health or safety to be compromised at any point in the future due to unsafe carpeting or walls from smoke odors.

Call Fire Damage Squad for professional odor elimination after a fire occurs in your home.

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