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Emergency Restoration Service After Fire

When emergencies arise, you always want to have someone reliable to call on for help. While many of us get too wrapped up in our lives to plan for every emergency situation, the home is one place that should never be neglected. Out of a desire to protect your family, your possessions, your place of shelter, and one of your biggest assets, you should be prepared for anything to happen. This means having the phone number of a professional fire restoration team in your contacts list for emergency restoration services if a fire happens.

Fire Emergencies

Fires are always emergency situations. Immediately upon realizing there is a fire, you need to quickly assess if there’s any way you can safely extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher that you should have on hand in your home. DO NOT attempt to do this on your own if the fire is greater than a small fire on the kitchen stove or oven. If the fire is not something you can safely extinguish, immediately get everyone out of the hazard area. This may mean evacuating the entire home if the fire is growing large. Once everyone is safe, call 911 right away for the Fire Department to come, and once they’re on their way, you can call us at Fire Damage Squad for Berkeley emergency restoration.

Our Emergency Solutions

Our emergency solutions come after the Fire Department has finished extinguishing the fire. We will take your home and do our utmost to restore your home to its pre-fire condition. This means dealing first with any structural damages that may have occurred. We’ll assess the safety of the home to determine if any areas need to be remade structurally sound. Additionally, we’ll check for smoke damages and odor problems in the home. If there was a fire in the house, guaranteed there are lingering ashes, smoke, and odors in the home. We’ll inspect every surface and clean them thoroughly to eliminate all possibility of these remnants remaining.

Fires are a significant thing, and we take them very seriously here. So if you have a house fire, call us at Fire Damage for emergency restoration. We’ll help you get your home straightened out and safe once again.

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