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If you’ve ever seen a major fire up close, you know that smoke can be an even bigger risk than the flames. Flames may burn, but smoke is full of ashes that choke and burn and suck all oxygen out of the air. Smoke is filled with carbon monoxide gas, which is poisonous to humans, as well as hydrogen cyanide and other dangerous combustion elements. In fact, more people die from smoke inhalation than from fires.

What does this mean for you? You need to be aware of the risks of smoke in your home and the dangers it presents to you and your family. Not only can it affect you during or immediately after a fire, but for days and weeks and months to come if it’s not appropriately removed from the home. If your home catches on fire, you need professional smoke damage restoration service. We at Fire Damage Squad are more than happy to provide that for you.

What Smoke Can Do To Your Home

Smoke can do many things to your home. First of all, it can damage the structure and elements of your home just as the flames can. Smoke can ruin the carpet, wallpaper, paint, and more. Smoke can also settle into your walls and leave an ashy residue in there, which will continue to cause damages to the insulation and structure. Even months later, you could still be breathing smoke inside your home. Also, smoke can affect your home aesthetically. After a fire occurs, smoke and ash residue can turn the walls yellow and can permanently ruin the carpet. Wood flooring can turn ashy gray and everything can have a film left on it.

Calling for Professional Help

These are reasons why you need to call for professional smoke damage restoration Berkeley. Our Fire Damage Squad team is full of experience, expertise, and quality equipment for dealing with such things in an efficient manner. Our technicians will remove any and all traces of smoke, ash, and odor from your home, restoring it to pre-fire condition. We will guarantee that no fire residue will be left on the walls, carpeting, ceiling, inside the walls, or anywhere in your home. Call us for emergency home restoration after a fire and we’ll be there right away to help you out.

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