If unfortunately, your home suffers from fire damage, then one of the first steps you should take when you begin repairing it, is to take care of the smoke odor that lingers in the air. Odor removal is one of the basic steps of the restoration and remediation process when tending to your home. For some people, the smell might not be such a bad thing, but it is a reminder of the unpleasant experience of having a fire burning parts of your home. Today’s approach regarding smoke odor is not replacing it with another smell, but completely removing it. The challenge, in this case, is to make sure that eventually, nobody will be able to smell the smoke odor, and this is what Berkeley’s Fire Damage Squad is here to do. Once the source of the smell is determined, the removal process can begin.

The Fire Damage Squad for Berkeley’s Residents

When working on removing smoke odor as a result of fire damages, the restoration process begins with finding the main sources of the smell. The more you wait with cleaning the place, the harder it will be to find the odor that’s trapped in the hidden areas. It is important to clean everything as thoroughly as possible and to try to get to all the tricky parts and places. If you or another person who lives with you get used to the smoke odor, it does not mean that it’s no longer there, and other residents of the house could still be affected by it.

How to Get Rid of the Smoke Odor

The Fire Damage Squad is here to assist you, so let’s dive into the process of removing smoke odor and break it down into five basic steps, relying on our expertise and experience.

The first step is to remove anything with visible signs of smoke damage. It is safe to assume that there is a smoke odor stuck where you can see visible damage. The second step will be to thoroughly clean everything. It is not going to be easy, but you must clean absolutely every square inch of the damaged place. From our experience, you can clean an entire structure, but if you don’t to every last inch, the odor will probably return, at least at a level that some of the residents will suffer from.

The third step would be to use odor removal equipment as the Fire Damage Squad uses in Berkeley. You can start using this equipment as the cleaning process takes place, but some would prefer to separate it into two different steps, as we also advise. The fourth step is to take into consideration the possibility of sealing surfaces that have absorbed smoke odor, such as unfinished wood, in order to prevent the odor from spreading again.

The fifth and final step is to make sure that you can no longer sense any smoke odor. If you sniff any unwanted smells in the air after completing the entire process, you should go back to the cleaning step and repeat the process.