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Complete Fire Damage Restoration Services in Berkeley


Unpredictable weather is a given if you live in Berkeley. During extreme weather conditions in the summer (where it’s expected to reach 100 degrees), it is sometimes inevitable for appliances to overheat, for forest fires to occur in large scales, for stoves and oil-powered equipment to explode. Therefore, fires are not uncommon in the Berkeley area, and more than quickly putting the fire out, another big concern for Berkeley residents is restoring their mildly, moderately, or severely damaged homes.

The Fire Damage Squad is here to do just that for you, in highly affordable rates! We are operational 24/7 and it is our number one priority to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied. Read on to find more about our fire damage restoration services in detail.

 Odor Elimination

 For individuals who have asthma, heart problems, or other health issues, odor is a huge concern. We will quickly eliminate all traces of smoke or burnt material and make your house a healthy breathing environment again.

 Emergency Restoration

 Emergency restoration involves all things in the house that were damaged by the fire, but when you call us asking for this, we will prioritize it and treat it as a high pressure situation that needs to be tended to right away.

 Smoke Damage Restoration

 Smoke can be damaging to walls, appliances, and things made out of plastic. Stains caused by smoke will be completely removed.

 Fire Damage Restoration

Lastly, things damaged by the fire need to go, and we will assist you in removing them more quickly.

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